Why Joyful Heart Dance?

Our classes are fun and age appropriate! We value child friendly moves, music, and costumes. We also value enjoyment and self esteem over competition, perfection, or performance! Seduction has no place in our program.

Our unique curriculum is taught from a child development perspective and also incorporates life lessons such as inner beauty, thankfulness, and kindness! For younger students we use fun props and character dances to increase the fun! We also teach correct French terminology!

Are we right for you?!

If you want to spend your vacations and holidays at Dance Competitions or Performances, then we are not the Dance Program for you.

If you want to get a second job to pay for dance lessons or attend many dance classes a week, we are probably not the program for you.

But if you want your child to learn dance, balance, coordination, and rhythmical skills in a fun, encouraging environment that won’t break the bank and allows for life outside of dance classes, then we are the program for you!

We use positive music in our classes. You will hear that your body is extraordinary! You can use your body through dance and movement to bring joy to both yourself and others!



Dance gets a bad reputation. Many Parents see “Dance” (little children looking way too grown up in midriffs, make-up and false eyelashes) and say, “I don’t want that for my child!”

I don’t blame them! I said the same thing!

At Joyful Heart Dance all bodies are welcome! We seek for our students to progress in both Dance Skills and Heart Skills in a healthy, encouraging environment. We believe there is joy in dance & movement which is innate.

There is a place for strict dance programs which mold and groom dancers towards perfection. We love to watch Dance perfection on a stage.

But there are a lot of families (mine included) looking for a more fun, more family-friendly and less stressful, less demanding Dance Experience.

If you love music and dancing, you are welcome!

You belong!

Joyful Heart Dance is the place for you!


Joyful Heart Dance began as a home studio in 2011.  Enrollment grew by word of mouth to 100 students in 2014.  Amanda then saw the need to rent space for classes and get help teaching from quality like minded instructors who love dance and children. Joyful Heart Dance is excited for the future and hopes to touch many hearts with a love of dance and life.

Our first day of classes, 2011!


Movement with a Message

We are developing curriculum for our Dance Classes that includes important life lessons (such as inner beauty, thankfulness, kindness, the value and worth of each student, using our tongue wisely and more!) Lessons are built into the regular curriculum.  We will also seek to expose our students to the beauty of classical music, Classic Ballets, as well as art and nature! We also use fun and engaging props, family friendly music and moves, and French Ballet terminology.

 Learning about inner beauty with the help of this abalone shell!

A Joyful Heart is good medicine… Proverbs 17:22


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