Amanda Kelley

(Owner / Creator / Instructor)

Amanda Kelley’s love for dance started at age 2. She loved learning various dance styles, performing “in costume” at annual recitals, and being encouraged by fun dance teachers.

Amanda began formal studio dance lessons at age 5. Her training continued through high school and into college where she studied Jazz and Latin Ballroom at Arizona State University.

Amanda holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development / Family Studies from Arizona State University. After college she taught hundreds of students through tumbling and dance classes in Community Centers, Preschools, Private, Public & Charter Schools.

Amanda has served children and families through the YMCA as the Preschool and Child Care Director

She also taught in the classroom as a Preschool Teacher.


Amanda is mom to  Claire, Camille and Carsten. Claire developed an interest and love for dance as Amanda taught her basic steps.

When Amanda considered enrolling her daughter in a dance studio, she was concerned about the types of music, dance moves, and costumes to which her daughter would be exposed. Amanda wanted a family friendly environment that protected her child’s innocence and focused on fun and joy rather than competition and perfection. Amanda thought there might be other parents looking for a different counter-cultural dance experience.

Joyful Heart Dance began in 2011 as the family converted their living room into a Home Dance Studio. By 2014, Joyful Heart Dance had grown by word of mouth from happy parents to over 100 students attending classes!  With a visionary heart, Amanda writes curriculum and seeks to train and encourage other women to join in this Dance Experiment of offering a unique dance experience!

Amanda’s warm and encouraging teaching style has won the affection of many children and parents. Her goal is for classes to be fun and for children to enjoy being children. Variety and props are used in class to accomplish this goal.

Amanda enjoys free time with her family and time in beautiful places. Amanda is most joyful walking in creation with music and tennis shoes soaking up nature. 

She also loves Salsa & Latin Ballroom Dancing! Spins and dips are favorites! 

Amanda’s favorite color is purple and her favorite dance styles are jazz and lyrical.